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New Blog - Tips, advices, suggestions...all about Nails

by juan diaz 25 Feb 2020
Hola, H Here - 

So this is a new format where weekly or bi-weekly I will be sending posting a new article with short tips, advices, suggestions, videos...all nail art related. I really hope it will be helpfull to you and if you have any questions let me know! :) It could be the subject for a article!

Your Nails reflect your body: Drink a lot of water, eat as healthy as posible and care about your mental health. Your Nails will thank you.

Over the years I have heard these questions many times ''What can I do my nails are weak'' - ''What product do you recommend? Mine break very easily'' - and generally my answer is... a question! How is your health?

Many do not understand my point, some are confused and a few are even a bit mad at me... ''Why do you even care if I am not eating right? - or if I am stressed?''. Well you asked, and our nails are the first to reflect when something is wrong with our body - Fisically or mentally.

It happened to me, during very stressfull times is when I break my nails the most. You can apply as many creams, oils, garlic, lemon as you want. It will never be enough.

It is all about balanced nutrition and inner peace.
So you should focus on that!

Talk Soon - Abrazos al por mayor,

H la Cosedora
Passionate Colombian Nail Artist - Stamping Addict - Cat Lover

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