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Weak Natural Nails - How to properly file them?

by H la Cosedora 27 Feb 2020
Hola, H Here - 

This tip is mostly for weak natural nails. Our nails are made of many layers and when they are weak or desydrated those layers can easily break.

In that case the filing process has to be very delicate, best if you can do it with a soft file and in all in ONE DIRECTION.

How to do it? Pick for example filing from left to right. When you pass the file for the first time -left to right- finish the process then pull up your lime and go back to the beginning and do a left to right again. And so on. 

At first i can be a bit difficult. But do it slowly and gently until you get used to it.
Talk Soon - Abrazos al por mayor,
H la Cosedora
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