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Stamping'Versary 4

 💅Stamping'Versary 4 💅 

March 16th to 23rd 

Yeahhh!!! We are about to celebrate 🎂 4 years since we launched H la Cosedora' Stamping plates and I have the great pleasure of announcing that we are going to celebrate it in a big way with the launch of a new Special Baked Stamping plate that will not be part of the permanent collection - only You can get it during the days of celebration. 

The Stamping´Versary 4 plate will have be available from  March 16th at 11 AM (EST) on and will be available for sale only for 8 days - until March 23rd 11:59pm (EST) - After those days you won't be able to get it! 

How to get it?

You can buy it individually - or - it will be available in the Stamping'versary 4 Bundle:

Buy 2 Plates and get Stamping'Versary 4 for Free with unique serial number at the back 

March 16th to 23rd

Now, because each plate is unique estimated delivery is Mid-April 2022


To make it even more special, Stamping'versary 1, Stamping'Versary 2 and Stamping'Versary 3 plates from previous years will also be available for sale during these 8 days - after which they will not be part of the permanent plate collection. 

Also, if your purchase is over $30.00 - You get FREE US Shipping & a Special Edition Scraper Card 🎂 


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