Pre-Order your ''Nail Stamping Sisterhood'' Plate before July 17th & Get a Limited Edition Scraper Card

Terms and Conditions

Risk Free Guarantee

The risk free guarantee promise a full refund + the right to keep the products for free. You can claim the guarantee if:

1. Defective Products: If you believe that any of your products are defective please send me an email at with the subject ''Risk Free Guarantee'' and send me as many details as possible. The guarantee will not apply for inadequate use or maintenance of the products. For example make sure to clean your plates with an acetone free polish remover. If you clean your plates with pure acetone or alcohol, the guarantee will not apply. If we establish that the products are defective, we will proceed to the full refund. 

2. Unable to use the products: You might be a beginner when it comes down to stamping and might have some difficulties using your stamping products. That is ok, and I am here to help. Please, send me an email at with the subject ''Risk Free Guarantee''. From there we will schedule a video conference call using a free app called ZOOM. This way, we can see assist you and teach you the correct steps. If you fail to accept the video conference call, you will not be able to claim the risk free guarantee. If you do accept the video conference call, and after the call you still believe that stamping is not for you, we will proceed to the full refund.


International Free Shipping 

From time to time, we run special offers offering International Free Shipping. For example New collection Launches, or special promotions. The International Free Shipping apply on the specific Item, bundle, Kit, promo or offer we are promoting during a specific time.

You can add more Stamping Plates (stamping plates only) to your cart and still enjoy Free International Shipping. But if you add any Kits - Polishes - Accessories to your cart you will automatically remove free shipping and will be charged an extra shipping fee.

Let's take two example:

During a certain period of time we are celebrating the launch of a new collection of 2 plates with International Free Shipping. If during the promotion days, you add to your cart and pay for this specific item, you can claim free international Shipping.

Example 1- Now, in addition to the new collection you decide to add to your shopping cart another 2 stamping plates or more. You will still be enjoying Free International Shipping. Stamping Plates only.

Example 2- But, if you add another item like a Kit - Polish - or accessory you will automatically be charged an extra fee for shipping.

The main reasons for this extra shipping charge are package

weight and volume!

International shipments are very costly but we managed to negotiate preferential rates with major carriers for specific items and weights. Allowing us to pass on to you those preferencial rates and offer Free International Shipping under the conditions outlined above.