Who is H la Cosedora?

Geometric figures, Zombies, Hello Kitty, David Bowie, and the Pop Culture are some of my sources of inspiration. I have always been a free hand artist, playing around with my brushes, always mixing colors together and creating new ones to paint my nails or those of my clients. My Artistic name is H la Cosedora and I am a Nail Artist, just like you.

Thanks to social media, I have become the most influential Nail Artist in Colombia and through video tutorials I have been able to teach and share my passion for painting, the colors and Nail Art with the huge Nail Artist (of all levels) community gathered around the brand.

One day, a friend introduced me to the nail art stamping technique. And I have to confess, being a true free hand artist, at first I was not a very big fan. I even remember thinking ‘’This isn’t real art''. Still, I like to consider myself a curious person. And I always want to better my skills and improve my art, so I decided to give the technique a shot. And let me tell you, how wrong I was about stamping…

From the first try, I was completely hooked. It actually became an obsession and it wasn’t limiting me as a Nail Artist. On the contrary, it opened a new world of creative and artistic possibilities where I could create free hand designs while having the ease to complement my creations with stamping, having perfect nails without wasting time. So Exciting!!!

But, to be honest, at the time I was a bit disappointed with the products available on the market: the nail polishes weren’t very pigmented (that is super important in stamping), from brand to brand the designs were almost the same and kind of boring (sorry) and sometimes not so easy to pick-up - making the process pretty frustrating to me...

And that is when I decided to create my own line of Nail Art Stamping products.

After one year of investigation, lots of tries and errors, many many challenges, dozens of people experimenting with all the new samples I came up with, I finally launched my stamping products in Colombia (that is where I live) and it has been a huge success since day one! Most importantly with the help of my team, we succeeded in making nail art Stamping enjoyable and easy for anyone from nail techs with years of experience to beginner hobbyists. And what truly makes me happy is having the opportunity to help and empower other nail artists in learning a new skill so they can keep expressing themselves through nail art. Just how I love to do it.

As of today, I now am the proud owner of the H la Cosedora brand, who is leading the Nail Art Stamping industry in South America. All the stamping plates we offer are originals. I design each one of them myself, and we produce them here in Bogota, Colombia as well as the Nail Polishes.

We take part in the life of thousands of Nail Artists every day and participate in local economic development by generating new jobs and opportunities working with local suppliers. And I want you to be part of this Stamping adventure.