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Back to the Future - Plate Collection

Includes the following 5 Acrylic Stamping Plates:

• Dororo and Patricio
• #TBT
• Wanderlust
• Life is a party 2
•  Memphis

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The #TBT stamping plate was designed by the following Colombian Nail Artists: @lacarola.nails @lauritaub40 @luznails76 

The designs featured on this stamping plate are unique and originals.

Large Stamping Plate - Size: 3 35/64 in (90mm) x 5 11/16in (145mm)
Made of Acrylic in Bogota Colombia. To clean your plate I recommend not using pure acetone or alcohol. Instead, use an acetone free nail polish remover. The plate will thank you and it is better for your health! <3

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