Stamping Plate - Tutti Frutti - by Nail Artist H la Cosedora

Tutti Frutti

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Stamping Plate

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Strawberries 🍓mango  , tomatoes🍅, avocados🥑 and more! TUTTIFRUTTI, this #PlacaTuttifrutti🥦🌽🍌 was too small for everything I wanted it to have and I know it will surely be everyone's favorite. There are so many fruits and vegetables that I tried to put cute and normal figures, for all tastes. You can even put eyes on all of them hahaha. We are going to fill our nails with fun and colorful fruits and vegetables. I don't have a favorite fruit, in fact, I like many. The only thing I know is that I am not a fan of the tree tomato, which to top it off is what I have grown the most around my house. Do you have a favorite fruit and another that you don't like so much?🍍🌶🥕


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